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New cutting edge auction platform 

We are using BidSpirit, the exciting new auction portal that runs more like a conventional live auction — where one lot closes at a time. For the bidder, that means no more missed lots.

1. Try out the demo version & see how it works.
You can bid without buying for testing purposes.

You can place bids and watch how the process works  - without actually buying anything and get a feel of how the system works. No registration required. Just click the link and bid!

2. Then Register & Bid on the live auction.
Check out the Buy It Now Prices!


Please don't wait until the auction is closing to register! No credit card is required.

Unlike HiBid, every time a new bid is place, 15 seconds is added to the clock. You can still leave a maximum bid on a lot, but BidSpirit calls that an "absentee bid".

BidSpirit also allows for a "Buy now" feature (on certain lots only) where you can purchase a lot without waiting for the auction to start. 


BidSpirit also has a well-received app for use on your phone or tablet. 

Have a question? Get in touch with Marshall for more information.

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