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Marsh's Musings

Collecting Canadian Studio Pottery

I'm often asked what I am currently collecting or looking for on my "Treasure Hunts" and I must admit it is constantly changing! I decorate with what I collect and its not about the money or potential money to be made but a windfall is always nice.

Currently I am collecting Canadian Studio Pottery from the 60s-90s. This is not your Blue Mountain kind of Pottery—which I am personally not a fan of except for their Noah's Ark and Canadian Native Series. This is the pottery sold at craft or artisan shows by local potters.

Imagine how many of these potters have sold their wares just in Ontario in the last 30 years. Most pieces are signed but little else is known about them unless an original label or hang tag is on the piece. Will they be valuable? Who knows. They can be purchased for a fraction of their original selling prices at auctions, antique shows, flea markets throughout Ontario.

Canadian potters have a unique style and the pictures show a small grouping of my collection showing these many different styles and techniques.

Most of these potters will be long forgotten but I am sure one of these days one of them will become the "Next Big Thing."

Happy Treasure Hunting!



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