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Marsh's Musings

Hummel Figurines-Memories of Times Past

With all that is going on in our crazy world today this little figurine sitting in my store caught my eye today. Some background first.

As the son of a WW11 veteran and a Career Pharmacist in the Cdn Air Force I grew up during the Cold War. Living in Bagotville Quebec we were sent home during the Cuban Missile Crisis and told to go shelter in our basements. My friends fathers who were Pilots were sitting on the runway in there Voodoo Jets all Fired up and ready to go. I believe they were equipped with nuclear warheads. So close to WW111. Thankfully President Kennedy stood strong and Nikita Kruschev removed the missiles from Cuba.

In 1961 we moved to Marville, France. Reminders of the Cold War were everywhere. Instructions in our apartment buildings on what to do during a Nuclear Attack. Once a month Air Raid Sirens going off for preparedness attacks. Inspecting the mini hospitals in the basements of the apartment buildings with my father. Seeing the Bunkers in the fields from WW11 everyday on the drive to school on the base. I must admit I lived in constant fear.

Now to the figurines. My mother would purchase one whenever we visited the American Base Nearby. They would sit on a shelf and were reminders of a better time in our world. I took solace whenever I looked at them.

Fast forward to today and the turmoil in the world. This little guy sitting in my store brought me solace. once again. I think everyone should have there own Hummel as a reminder of better times. They are adorable little children hand assembled and hand-painted. Available in every theme you can imagine. There are currently 30,000 on eBay for sale.

I am going to start listing them in my Auctions. I think their time has come and everyone should have their own personal Hummel.

Happy Hunting Marsh


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